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Where to find Senate's rulings

There are three ways of accessing Senate’s rulings:

1. On the homepage of the Supreme Court of Latvia www.at.gov.lv. Here a person may access only those rulings that contribute to formation of case-law. They are published since 2002 and are free of charge.

  •  Rulings are available in the section “Case-law” of the Supreme Court homepage

2. On Latvian Courts Portal https://manastiesas.lv. Here a person may access rulings that have come into effect since 2013 free of charge. A person may search a particular ruling inserting an ECLI number, a case number, an archive number, a date of a case, a judicial body, a category of case, or a court instance.

3. Rulings that are not available in public databases are accessible (this is a partly paid service):

  • In the Chancery of the Supreme Court (rulings of current year and of two preceding years)
  • In the Supreme Court archives (rulings older than two years; rulings older than 15 years are transferred to State Archives)
  • In the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court (service provided to journalists free of charge)