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Criminal Law

2018. Hate speech and freedom of expression (Case-law in criminal cases on Sections 741, 78, 150 of the Criminal Law) (October 2012 - May 2018)

2017. Case-law in cases in which the material damage is a constituent element of criminal offence 

2017. Case-law in criminal cases regarding crimes against morality and sexual inviolability of a minor

2017. Issues regarding the case-law on the qualification of serious personal injury offence (Sections 125, 127 - 129, 131, 132  of the Criminal Law) and its connection with other criminal offences

2017. Case-law in application of Sections 464 and 465 of the Criminal Procedure Law

Hearing the cases without the participation of the defendant and in absentia of the defendant: international case-law

2016. Case law on determining penalties in case of a number of criminal offenses and according to several judgments, as well as on combining and replacing penalties (Sections 50, 51, and 52 of the Criminal Law)

2016. Case-law in criminal cases of illegal crossing of the state border (Section 284 of the Criminal Law) and the case-law of the European Court of Justice in the field of immigration restriction

2015. Case-law  in criminal cases on cruelty and violence towards children

2015. Case-law in cases on enforcement in Latvia of criminal punishment stipulated abroad

2015. Case-law in criminal cases on Sections 320, 321, 322 and 323 of the Criminal Law

2014. Structure and content of court rulings on several uniform offences

2014. Application of Clause 4 and 5 Paragraph Five Section 9 of the Competition Law

2014. Case-law in criminal cases regarding destruction and damaging of property

2013. Case-law regarding right to termination of criminal proceedings in reasonable term and determinaion of of punishment, if right to termination of criminal proceedings in reasonable term was not observed

2013. Case-law in qualification of crimes, if case was reviewed without verification of evidences

2013. Case-law in cases about legalisation of proceeds from crime and about tax evasion

2012/ 2013. Case-law, when reviewing prosecutor’s protests in appellate and cassation procedure

2012. Case-law in criminal cases about provoking of national, ethnical and racial hatred

2012. Case-law in criminal cases about indecent obtaining and use of a credit and other loans

2011/ 2012. Case-law in criminal proceedings, when determining compulsory measures of medical nature

2010/2011. Case-law on compensation of moral injury in criminal proceedings (Word) (pdf)

2009/2010.Case-law in criminal cases about homicide (Section 116-118 of the Criminal Law)

2008/2009. Case-law in cases about frauds

2008. Study about criminal cases, in which accusation was amended within hearing

2008. Case-law in termination of criminal procedure and discharging a person of criminal liability on the grounds of settlement signed between the victim and the accused

2007/2008. Practice of application of punishments by regional courts as courts of the first instance and the Chamber of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court as court of appeal

2007. Case-law in criminal cases: judgements of conviction – instead of judgements of acquittal cancelled; judgements of acquittal – instead of judgements of conviction cancelled

2007. Case-law in criminal cases on Section 160 and 162 of the Criminal Law

2006. Case-law of particular district courts in punishment policy development in relation with application and interpretation of law in accordance with the Paragraph 3 and 4 Section 175 of the Criminal Law

2006. Case-law in cases about human trafficking and sending a person for sexual exploitation

2006. Case-law in cases about hooliganism

2006. Case-law in cases about illegal actions with financial instruments and payment means

2005. Case-law in development of punishment policy in relation with application and interpretation of law

2005. Case-law in proceedings on agreement concluded in pre-trial proceedings

2005. Case-law in determination of punishment for several offences and upon several judgements  

2005. Case-law in cases of particular categories reviewed, applying provision of Latvian CPC without verification of evidence and verifying evidence

2004. Case-law in criminal cases about offences committed by state officials and responsible employees of companies (business entities) or organisations (2002-2003)

2004. Case-law in application of Item 1 Paragraph 6 Section 55 of the Criminal Law on elimination of harm caused in case of conditioned conviction

2004. Case-law in application of norms of Paragraph 4 Section  2761 and Paragraph 4 Section 416 of Latvian Criminal Procedure Code for non-performance of verification of evidence in court examination and delivery to the court

2004. Case-law in criminal cases about offences related with intentional causing of grievous bodily harm

2001. National case-law in criminal cases about intentional homicide (Section 116,117 and 118 of the CL)

2001. National case-law in review of criminal cases about larceny, frauds, misappropriation in small amount (section 180 of the CL)

2001. National case-law in releasing of persons on trial from criminal responsibility and punishment or from serving the punishment