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Civil Law

2020. Guarantee. Senate’s case-law findings 2005 – 2019

2019. Forced land lease. Senate’s case-law findings 2009 – 2019

2019. Civil protection of honour and dignity 2000 – 2018 

2018. Case-law in insolvency cases. 2015 – 2018 August

Case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. Application of the Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings

2018. Case-law in application of land registry law 2006 till 2018 

2018. Case-law in cases arising from labour law for the period from July 2012 till 2017

2017. Case-law in cases regarding consumer rights protection for the period from January 2014 till June 2017

2016. Case-law in civil cases following from legal relationship related to residential property management

2016. Case-law in determining the extent of moral inury, if the injury resulted from unlawful or unreasonable action of investigation authority, prosecutor’s office or court

2016. Case-law in determining the extent of moral injury in relation to the violation of rights, personal injury or death of relative of the claimant 

2015. Case-law on insurance against civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles covers

2014. Case-law in cases on insolvency procedure of a legal entity

2014. Compensation of moral injury in civil cases

2014. Case-law in adoption cases

2014. Case-law in cases on contesting of transactions and recovery of losses from debtor’s representatives within insolvency proceedings

2013. Case-law in application of demurrage

2012. Case-law in division of joint property of spouses

2012. On case-law in resolving disputes about rights of charge (joint, separate, daily) and communication and sustenance for children

2011. Joint property (Word) (pdf)

2011. Case-law in cases about individual labour disputes (Word) (pdf)

2010. Case-law in forced execution of meeting liabilities on a non-actionable basis

2008. Case-law in cases about delivery of writ of execution for forced execution of a ruling of a court of arbitration

2008. On application of the Section 1415 of the Civil Law

2007./2008. On case-law in disputes about trademark

2007. Application of legal standards in property relations between spouses

2007. On application of standards of family law

2007. Case-law generalization in disputes on succession

2006. Case-law of appellate and cassation instance in review of ancillary complaints filed upon court decisions

2006. On case-law in cases arising from servitude right

2005. Questions about application of standards of the Labour Law

2005. On application of laws, when resolving disputes related with execution of obligations of contracts on insurance of road vehicles and compulsory insurance of civil responsibility of owners of those, in courts

2005. Case-law in civil cases about approval of acts of real estate auctions

2005. On application of laws, when resolving disputes related with termination or amending of labour contract, in courts 

2004. Case law in review of civil cases about determination of origin of a child, approval and cancellation of adoption, recovery of sustenance from parents for alimentation of the child, dissolution and nonbeing of marriage   

2004. Case-law of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate, when applying the law “On Residential Tenancy”

2004. Case-law in cases about insolvency and bankruptcy of enterprises (business entities)

2004. Case-law in cases about civil protection of individual’s honour and dignity

2003. Case-law of the Senate of the Supreme Court and regional courts in cases about decisions of officials of the SRS

2003. Case-law in issue on litigation costs

2002. Case-law of the Senate of the Supreme Court in review of cases pursuant to the Section 485 of the Criminal Procedure Law