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Professional Organizations and Networks

European professional associations and networks

Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union

ACA-Europe – Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union

ENCJ – European Network of Councils for the Judiciary

EJTN – European Judicial Training Network

International associations of judges

GEMME – European Association of Judges for Mediation

Representative of Latvia, Zane Petersone

CET-J – Circle of European Trademark Judges

Representative of Latvia, Zane Petersone

International Association of Refugee Law Judges

International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates

European Forum of Judges for the Environment

Representative of Latvia, Lauma Paeglkalna

European Union of Judges in Commercial Matters

International Association of Judges / European Association of Judges

Representative of Latvia, Juris Silins

Association of European Administrative Judges

Representative of Latvia, Lauma Paeglkalna

European Association of Labour Court Judges

International Association of Tax Judges

Association of European Competition Law Judges

Representative of Latvia, Lauma Paeglkalna

Judicial Wing INSOL Europe

MEDEL – Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés

European Union and legal information

Court of Justice of the European Union

Access to European Union law

European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters

EJN – European Judicial Network in Criminal Matters

EUROJUST – European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation

FRA – Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union

Representatives of Latvia, Martins Paparinskis and Dace Mita

Directorate-General Justice of the European Commission

Council of Europe

ECHR – European Court of Human Rights

Latvian ad hoc judges: Arturs Kucs, Daiga Rezevska, Jautrite Briede, Ineta Ziemele

Council of Europe

CEPEJ – European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Representative of Latvia, Aija Branta

CCJE – Consultative Council of European Judges

Representative of Latvia, Aija Branta

CCPE – Consultative Council of European Prosecutors

European Commission for Democracy through Law  – Venice Commission

Representative of Latvia, Ineta Ziemele

HELP – Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals

Other international organizations/cooperation and research centres

CCBE – Council of Bars and Law Societies

CNUE – Council of the Notariats of the European Union

CEELI institute, Conference of Chief Justices of Central & Eastern Europe

ERA – Academy of European Law

ELI – European Law Institute

IOJT – International Organization of Judicial Training

EIPA – European Institute of Public Administration

IACA – International Association for Court Administration

Victim Support Europe

ECLAN – European Criminal Law Academic Network

Platform on European Civil Procedure

OECD-GVH Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest (Hungary)