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Justice for Development

European Social Fund Project “Justice for Development”


  • Project implementation time: from 2016 to December 31, 2022

  • Total costs of the project: EUR 10,859,393.00, including EUR 9,230,484.00 from the European Social Fund and EUR 1,628,909.00 from the state budget

The aim of the project

  • To increase the competence of the personnel of courts and law enforcement institutions in order to further the improvement of the business environment

  • Sub-goals of the project curriculum

  • Advancing the efficiency and quality of court proceedings

  • Effectiveness in resolving disputes in the context of business activity, in investigating economic and financial crimes

  • Promoting confidence in the judiciary and law enforcement institutions

Project target group

Persons employed in the judicial system or belonging to the judicial system – judges, judicial staff, forensic experts, prosecutors and investigators, policy makers and policy implementers.

When implementing interdisciplinary training, representatives of the liberal legal professions may be involved – sworn advocates, sworn notaries, sworn bailiffs, arbitrators, mediators.

A total of 12,133 people is planned to be trained.

Project activities

  • Training in current issues in the field of law (procedural issues, international cooperation issues, EU law and human rights issues, training in the context of alternative dispute resolution, forensic science and other areas)

  • Training of foreign language and other general skills

  • Traineeships and visits in order to learn good practice abroad

  • Participation in local and foreign conferences, seminars on topical legal issues

  • Development of manuals, guidelines and case-law summaries

  • Comprehensive assessment of the Latvian justice system (in cooperation with CEPEJ, OECD, IMF)

  • E-solutions

The project is implemented by the Court Administration

Cooperation partners – the Supreme Court, the State Forensic Science Bureau, the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office

Project supervising institution – the Ministry of Justice

See more information about the project here (in Latvian)

Up-to-date training schedule is available here (in Latvian)