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Judges of the Supreme Court in September 2020
First row from the left: Arturs Freibergs, Vesma Kakste, Jautrite Briede, Veronika Krumina, Aigars Strupiss, Anita Polakova, Normunds Salenieks, Inara Garda, Zane Petersone; Second row: Andris Gulans, Anda Briede, Sandra Kaija, Inese Laura Zemite, Marika Senkane, Inguna Radzevica, Aija Branta, Rudite Vidusa, Anita Kovalevska, Lubova Kusnire, Diana Makarova, Livija Slica, Valerijs Maksimovs; Third row: Peteris Opincans, Ivars Bickovics, Anita Cernavska, Inta Lauka, Dzintra Balta, Ieva Viskere, Aivars Uminskis, Kaspars Balodis, Intars Bisters, Aivars Keiss


The judges or senators of the Senate ensure the basic function of the Senate – the hearing of civil, criminal and administrative cases at the highest court instance.

Number of judges

The total number of Senate's senators is set by the Saeima (the parliament), upon recommendation of the Judicial Council, and the number of senators in Departments is set by the Judicial Council, upon proposal of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

As from 2021, the number of the senators approved by the parliament is 38.  

Statutory age for becoming a senator

A person may become a sentor of the Supreme Court at the age of 40. The maximum age for serving as a judge is 70 years.

Selection of senators

The selection of candidates for the position of senator takes place in an open competition of candidates in accordance with the procedure approved by the Judicial Council.

Only Latvian citizens, reputable and highly-qualified lawyers may work as judges. 

A candidate for the office of a senator of the Senate may be:

  • a judge of a district (city) court or a judge of regional court judge with at least 10 years of total service in the office of judge;
  • a person with at least 15 years of service as a faculty member of a higher educational establishment in law, as a sworn advocate or in the office of prosecutor;
  • a former Justice of the Constitutional Court, a judge of an international or supranational court.

A senator of the Supreme Court is confirmed in the office by the parliament for an unlimited term. 

If a person being already a judge approved by the parliament in a lower court is nominated for the position of a sentor of the Supreme Court, the decision shall be adopted by the Judicial Council.