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Presentations and articles

The rule of law cannot exist merely hypothetically, the operation of the law must be visible (in Latvian)
Commentary in the think tank of constitutional ideas organized by the Constitutional Court “How to strengthen the rule of law so that a person feels safe? Improving the efficiency of execution of Constitutional Court rulings”

High-quality court work strengthens the Latvian State (in Latvian)
Address to the Supreme Court team at the event dedicated to National Day

A quality bar has been set for others to strive for (in Latvian)
Address at the Notary of the Year Award Ceremony

For 25 years, the Senate has been preserving and developing the values ​​laid down in the foundations of the cassation instance (in Latvian)
Address at the restored Senate 25th anniversary event on October 2, 2020

There can be no hiding behind the judicial robe anymore (in Latvian)
From the discussion "Senator's Personality" at the renewed 25-year event of the Senate

The institutional prestige or weight of the Judicial Council in the overall system of the State must be strengthened (in Latvian)
Address at the solemn sitting of the Judicial Council

On the duty of a judge to participate in local government elections (in Latvian)
Application to the Judicial Ethics Commission

The national economy depends on the work of the court (in Latvian)
Extract from the discussion "On Judicial Power and Justice" at the Conversation Festival LAMPA

The rule of law must be strengthened by everybody according to their area of competence (in Latvian)
Extract from the discussion " Building the Rule of Law Together" at the Conversation Festival LAMPA

There is no need to be afraid of "leaders from the sidelines" (in Latvian)
Address at the swearing in of the Prosecutor General

The key elements: logic, simplification, focus on the essential (in Latvian)
Address at a meeting with State Revenue Service employees

View on the situation and development of the Senate and the judiciary (in Latvian)
Hearing of the candidate for the position of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by the Judicial Council