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Bank accounts for payments


  Searching for a document in archives

EUR 0.85 per case, if case data is known ; EUR 1.71 per case, if case data is unknown –

Processing of derivation of a document (copying, scanning, printing of electronic document)

EUR 0.14 per page

Shielding of a personal data (anonymisation) in derivation of a document

EUR 1.85 per page

Bounding of a document

EUR 0.43 per page

Certification of authenticity of derivation of a document

EUR 2.85 per page

Issue of a reference

EUR 2.85 euro per document

Copying a sound recording or a text document file in CD or in data carrier

EUR 3.10 for CD recording (per one file, if the recording is technically possible)

EUR 6.45 for data copying in data carrier (flash drive) (per one file)

EUR 1.45 for recording of every extra file (if CD or flash drive capacity allows it)

Processing and issue of a court notice to be published in a newspaper

EUR 1.71 per document

* On the ground of Regulations No 96 of the Cabinet, dated by 19.02.2013 “Regulations on paid services provided by a court”

Bank account specifications

Beneficiary: Latvijas Republikas Augstākā tiesa, Registration Number: 90000068892
Beneficiary bank: Valsts kase, SWIFT: TRELLV22
Beneficiary account number: LV57 TREL 2280 5610 0500 0


See information about the security deposit for filing an application to the Supreme Court here