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Bank accounts for payments


  Searching for a document in archives

EUR 0.85 per case, if case data is known ; EUR 1.71 per case, if case data is unknown –

Processing of derivation of a document (copying, scanning, printing of electronic document)

EUR 0.14 per page

Shielding of a personal data (anonymisation) in derivation of a document

EUR 1.85 per page

Bounding of a document

EUR 0.43 per page

Certification of authenticity of derivation of a document

EUR 2.85 per page

Sending of a document by fax (within the territory of Latvia)

EUR 0.71 euro per page

Issue of a reference

EUR 2.85 euro per document

Processing of a copy of sound recording

EUR 2.42 per compact disc

Copying of a document in data carrier

EUR 2.42 per compact disc

Processing and issue of a court notice to be published in a newspaper

EUR 1.71 per document

Processing of derivation of a document to be filed to the court

0.14 x number of pages + EUR 3.27 

* On the ground of Regulations No 96 of the Cabinet, dated by 19.02.2013 “Regulations on paid services provided by a court”

Bank account specifications

Beneficiary: Latvijas Republikas Augstākā tiesa, Registration Number: 90000068892
Beneficiary bank: Valsts kase, SWIFT: TRELLV22
Beneficiary account number: LV57 TREL 2280 5610 0500 0


See information about the security deposit for filing an application to the Supreme Court here