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In order to enter the Supreme Court, it is necessary to obtain a pass. The pass may be ordered:

At the Chancery of the Supreme Court for attending court hearings (including persons who are not parties to proceedings)

  • Via interphone located in the Court’s lobby: 731 for civil cases, 203 for criminal cases, 202 for administrative cases

In the Division of Communication for media representatives (with the accreditation cards issued by the State Chancellery, entry into the Supreme Court is not allowed)

  • +371 67020396, +371 28652211 or interphone 751

For other visitors, a pass is applied for by a senator or court employee who is the organizer of the meeting


To receive a pass, a person has to present an identity document - a passport or ID card - at the security desk.

Persons arriving in court are checked for the presence of weapons, special equipment and pyrotechnic articles.