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Supreme Court Strategy 2021-2025


Implementation of the rule of law by creating a unified and stable practice of application of law in the cassation instance


Senate – a guarantor of the rule of law and justice


  • Justice

  • Independence

  • Professionalism

  • Sustainability

Priority directions and activities

1. Development of stable case law

2. Ensuring an effective cassation procedure

3. Streamlining of the use of resources and internal processes

4. Cooperation and dialogue

5. Informing and educating the society


Priority 1

Development of stable case law


  • Strengthening the internal dialogue in the Senate by promoting uniform interpretation and application of legal norms in court praxis

  • Cooperation with courts of first and second instance

  • Expanding the availability of Senate’s case law


Priority 2

Ensuring an effective casssation procedure


  • Analysis of legal proceedings in the Senate and improvement of the circulation of cases

  • Development of good practice recommendations for parties to proceedings in drawing up procedural documents

  • Guidelines for preparation of rulings

  • Implementation of programme for selection procedure for the position of a senator and for improvement of senators’ skills

  • Strengthening the capacity of the support service for senators


Priority 3

Streamlining of the use of resources and internal processes


  • Development of a transparent and efficient model of internal court operation

  • Strategic identification and effective use of opportunities provided by technologies in court work

  • Audit of work environment, including addressing the issue of efficient use of premises and provision of additional premises

  • Ensuring the availability of Latvian and foreign legal resources

  • Providing competitive salaries for senators and staff


Priority 4

Cooperation and dialogue


  • Strengthening the role of the Judicial Council and ensuring its effective functioning

  • Promoting dialogue and cooperation between constitutional bodies in the implementation of the rule of law

  • Development of legal thought and legal culture

  • Representation of Latvia in international judicial organizations and networks of international and supranational courts


Priority 5

Informing and educating the society


  • Open and proactive communication of the Supreme Court

  • Cooperation with schools in creating the content of law lessons

  • Cooperation with law faculties of universities

  • Raising journalists' awareness of legal issues

  • Compilation and use of the information on history of the Latvian Senate and the renewed Senate in the work of the Court

Full text of the Strategy is available here